Success Stories

These are some of the determined and dedicated ladies who decided to take the leap of faith with me and purchased my guides. Their progress and transformations are an example of what you can do with your own body once you decide to make a change. I will give you all the tools and even make myself available via email for any motivational boosts you may need! Yay! Let's do this, beast mode on!


I have abs!!!

I finished your guide and these are my results of 6 weeks of work. I have abs!!! Well they are trying to peek through. Never would I have imagined that after 6 kids my stomach would be flat. I'm very happy and super excited, thank you!!!

I have a booty!!

I have a booty!! Woopwoop don't think it's ever been so pert haha. Also I think my posture looks so much better, got a stronger stomach straightening me up! Still a way to go but really pleased with my progress, thank you for your guidance!


I never thought I would say this

I just want to thank you, thank you for being an inspiration! :) I admit it wasn't easy. This is today, about 3 weeks in. I'm a dental hygienist and sometimes I work 11 hours shifts, so it was hard to find time and to have energy to do the workouts. (I KNOW, no excuses!) I skipped a day or two, but I pulled even harder when I got the chance to exercise. Now I'm doing the body sculpting and I love it! I never thought I would say this, not ever in my life :))) I'm so grateful for you! Thank you!


Thank you for an awesome guide!!

Thank you!! I am going to start the program over again and add your 10 day ab :) thank you for an awesome guide!! It really kicked my butt but in a good way!!


Only two weeks!

Only two weeks! Thank you

Thank you for inspiring me!

Before June 8th, 2015, after June 18th 2015. Thank you for inspiring me! I'm not a mom, I'm only 23 but look what I did to my body! I'm really glad I came across your account, thank you so much! I'm so motivated now!


Your programs truly help just regular people!

I'd definitely like for people to see that your programs truly help just regular people like myself, thank you!

There are no limits!

If you constantly push your limits, there are no limits -Nana

Your guides are life changing

You have completely changed my view of fitness, thank you for leading me into this healthy lifestyle and making me feel confident about my body again, your guides are life changing!

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